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                                       Congrats! : Recent Drive-Test Successes (with Daniel)

Recent Texts (SMSs):

Hey Daniel, Thanks again for all your help, really appreciate all the time you made for me and all the helpful driving tips :-) Thanks heaps!

Gabby (Upper FTG)

Hi Daniel, Thank you so much again for yesterday / and Monday! I’m absolutely loving being able to drive everywhere haha! Enjoy your holiday :)

Marguerite (Ferntree Gully)

Hi Daniel, I wish to pass on my gratitude - you have been amazing with Pat. I’m in Queensland at the moment so very happy to hear Pat got his licence. You gave him so much confidence. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thanks.

Mary-Ellen (Box Hill South)

Hi Daniel. Thank you so so much. You are seriously one of the best driving instructors I have had. You gave me a lot of confidence. I recommend you highly to anyone wishing to get their license.

Atrayee (Hawthorn)

Hey Daniel. Thank you for everything. So relieved I passed :)

Samantha (Wheelers Hill)

Hi Daniel, thank you so much for this morning. My brother (Joshua) got his L’s last week. I will be sending him your way! Thanks once again!

Amy (Ringwood North)

Thanks Daniel. You were great, says Jordin.

Doreen (Lysterfield)

(Jordin’s Mum)

Hi Daniel..... You did a great job on refreshing me on what to do n not to! Glad to get my license!! If you and your family happen to be in KL .. Do whatsapp me .. Will buy you a beer!! Cheers!

Tan (Doncaster East)

Hi Daniel, just a testimonial for your webpage:

“I had no experience prior to starting lessons with Daniel. Within a few carefully planned, practical lessons I had grasped the essentials of safe, considerate driving thanks to Daniel’s patient and comprehensive instruction. A few more lessons to increase my confidence and road safety in a variety of high pressure situations I passed first time. From start to finish Daniel was punctual, reliable and fun to learn with. I’ll be forever grateful for his time and effort and hope to stay in touch.”


Nigel (Upwey)

Aaaaaaah Daniel Daniel.... here we are :)) One happy Harry. I don’t think I could have done it without all the little tricks and pieces we were able to go through before the test... every word and all the things we did all helped out exactly as they needed to.. aaaahhhhhh such a big sigh of relief as all these weights leave my shoulders :))))) Seriously dude thank you, thank you, bless bless....

Harry (Vermont)

Hey Daniel! I just want to say a massive thank you to you for not only helping me pass my drivers’ test, but for teaching me how to drive in general. You have taught me so much about how to drive safely on the road and how to share it with other people, and this foundation will definitely always stay with me and assist me in becoming a better driver! Thank you for always being calm and believing in my abilities when I couldn’t, and thank you for helping me to maintain a good level of confidence throughout these past few months. You are the best driving instructor any learner driver could ever ask for :) Even though I’m pretty sure I’m the last person I know to get my license, if the opportunity arises, I will definitely recommend you to everyone I can :)

Carla (Ringwood North)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks to you, I FINALLY got my license, yes!! Thank you for your patience, advice, encouragement and of course for believing that I can do well by telling me not to stress. Driving lessons have been so much fun with you... :) Hope to see you around soon!

Jasmine (Rowville)

Hi Daniel, this is my testimonial:

“After more than one year of struggling to get my license and after being enrolled at two different driving schools in the past, I am very happy that I finally did it today. It was Daniel who helped me pass the test. He was strict and straightforward, but I knew he was trying to instill in me that it was not just about passing the test but also about my driving behaviour when I will be on the road on my own. He taught me not only test technicalities but also to be concerned about other road users, and that having a license is not a right but a privilege. I was a nervous driver but Daniel made me calm during our lessons and even during the actual test itself. He believed in me and told me that I would get my license even though, at the back of my mind, I doubted myself. I am living proof of the vast driving skills that he has and the right attitude that he imparted on me. If someone wanting to learn how to drive was to ask me for a recommendation, I could not think of anyone else but Daniel”.

God bless you and thank you so much.

John (Toorak)

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 Congrats! : Recent Drive-Test Successes (with Daniel)

Congrats! : Recent Drive-Test Successes (with Brendan)

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