Importance of the STAGES:

The VicRoads drive test consists of “2” stages.

Stage 1 = Low Speed Manoeuvres;

Stage 2 = More High Speed Stage.

No more than 2 “Critical Errors” are permitted for the whole of any drive-test (and no more than 1 critical error is allowed in the first stage). That is, if 2 critical errors in are made Stage 1, the applicant will not progress to Stage 2.

If an Immediate Termination Error is made at ANY point in the test, the applicant will fail.


Critical Errors - (Maximum of 2 permitted):

Fail to Look/Signal; Block Pedestrian-crossing;

Hit/Mount Kerb (LSM); Stall Engine;

Incomplete Stop; Too Slow; Other Illegal.

Immediate Termination Errors - (Zero permitted):

Collision; Hit/Mount Kerb; Exceed Speed;

Fail to Give-way/Look/Signal (evasive action);

Stop Position; Stop Signs/Traffic Lights;

Disobey/Intervention; Other Dangerous.

Pass or Fail?

Contrary to what some people may tell you, the VicRoads test is NOT graded on a “Percentage” scale....

i.e., there is no such thing as having “got 98% for my test.”

At the end of your Drive-Test, your License Testing Officer will give you a pink coloured slip of paper which will have a “Pass” or “Unsuccessful” box crossed. Any “Critical Errors” that may have made will be noted in the appropriate box, and areas needing improvement (eg Mirror Use) will also have been checked. If you receive a “blank” sheet, this is as close as you will get to signifying a ‘perfect’ score, but nowhere on the sheet will there be listed any “%” score.

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